Our residents have always been the first priority while they stay in our home. We make sure that they are safe and in good health. We also go the extra mile to make them feel loved and respected. Here are what our clients say about us:

Thank you Param for taking us to Cedar Point, we had a great time!
- Eddie, Ryan and Eric.

Linda and Param, thank you for making us feel at home and part of your family.
- Eddie, Ryan and Eric

Linda, you are my second Mom...
- Eddie

Param, You are not only my caretaker but also a good friend...
- Paul

Dear Param & Linda, Thank you for caring for Jonathan...
- Roger & Mimi Arnstine

Linda & Prom, Thank you, again for taking such good care of Paul...
- Betty

My stay here at Prom & Linda's was a real, how would I say this, uplift in life...
- Gabe

Prom and Linda Singh, thank you for your on-going concern about my welfare from the day I arrived and willingness to go the extra mile whenever necessary....
- Claire

Prom & Linda, I really appreciate your company as well as Gabe's and Nancy's as I have worked through my difficulties this past year...
- Claire

Linda & Prom, it is good to know that Eric is in such a good and loving home...
- Audrey and Jerry


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